Koreatown emerges in Allston-Brighton

I’m checking out Allston-Brighton tomorrow, so I wanted to give you guys are glimpse of it before I share my own thoughts.

Immigration Talk

I was really excited when I found an article in the Boston Globe about the growing Korean-American immigrant population in Allston-Brighton, one of the many neighborhoods of Boston. While I grew up in Jamaica Plain (a diverse neighborhood itself), I have come to think of Allston as my second home; it is where I spend much of my time eating delicious Korean cuisine or hanging out & enjoying Korea’s beloved dessert, bingsoo (pictured above), in my favorite cafe Between Hours.

This article states that Allston-Brighton is now home to over a third of Boston’s Korean population. Within this diverse neighborhood (home to not only Koreans, but Brazilians, Chinese, Russians, and Indians), many Koreans have opened booming and successful businesses including but not limited to popular restaurants, trendy bars, hair salons, and stationery stores. The article also claims that “of the 264 storefronts in the area,1 in every 10 is Korean-owned.”…

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