Mission Statement:

– Create a fun and engaging forum of exchange on international issues relating to Korea.
– Harbour friendly relationships from around the globe
– Connect people with others in the area of academia, business, and organizations

The Korean diaspora

diaspora : n. people who have spread or been dispersed from their homeland.

What is a Kyopo ?

A Korean lexicon (also spelled, gyopo) used to define a native Korean who permanently resides in another country or land other than one of the two Koreas. However, if a gyopo returns to Korea, this one will lose his/her gyopo “status.” There are several variations to the lexicon gyopo. For example, by adding the prefix “jemi” indicates that this gyopo resides in the United States. By adding the prefix “jeil” indicates that this gyopo resides in Japan. Korean-Americans (Koreans born in the U.S.) or any other Korean born in another country or land other than one of the two Koreas, are commonly termed as gyopos. This is incorrect, as gyopos are native Koreans who have left their homeland.

Connect with other Kyopos

Learn about the Korean diaspora happening in the world.

Join me on a journey to hear about how the diaspora of Koreans came to be, and how the world, isn’t always what it seems if we look beyond the surface.

Come on in, relax, learn a bit, interact, or just add your two cents.

Look for our group on facebook if you wish to interact with some great people.


Author Information:



After meeting a few Kyopos here and there, at one point, I knew we shared a commonality which is unique to someone who’s been living outside of Korea with a Korean background, we just look the part.
What do I mean ? We don’t get certain things that Koreans do, or maybe we do, but we also have a different point of view on things.
At least, that’s me.  When I wanted to purposely meet more Kyopos, I was surprised that there wasn’t a group or site that focused on the Korean diaspora, because this is how we came to be.
So I decided to start my blog, meet some more Kyopos, crack open some virtual champagne, and have a good time.  Maybe learn something from all this.

I’ve come to realize that there are people who are really interested in the Korean connection and they are welcome here too.


  1. When I read that a Korean American with an affinity for Zerg read one of my blog posts, I thought “Oh, it must be Brittany form Florida…” I guess there is more than one Korean American with affinity for Zerg. Thanks for liking. You’re blogging style is concise and entertaining.


    • Hey Trav,

      This Brittany girl, I like her already 😉 It’s not just an affinity for Zerg, it’s an obsession.. ever since I played that race for the first time when I was in 6th grade, it was always meant to be.

      I do enjoy details, but people have places to be, things to see, etc. so I do my best to keep it short and sweet.

      Thanks for stopping by, and you’re always welcome here 😉

      your Kyopo friend,


  2. Cool blog! I’m a Korean adoptee (I don’t think I can call myself a gyopo) from Australia. Really interesting to read about Koreans all over the world.


    • We don’t discriminate between kyopos and adoptees ^^ I just started following you and looking forward to your posts Ellie.

      One of my posts on Sweden reveals a little bit more about the adoption scene that occurred. There is a large community of adoptees who were raised in Sweden.

      I just like bringing people together so that’s why I started this site. Hope you can meet some good quality people on here 🙂 You are always welcome to join my group on fb as well.

      your Kyopo friend,


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