Korean American



We are the 2nd largest Korean population outside of Korea, with almost 2.1 million Koreans living in America (China is 1st), it’s without a doubt that there are tons of connections and other organisations that are worth mentioning.  I hope to benefit you with these sites.

Are you Korean American (KA) ? You can write your story, or introduce yourself to the KA society on this website:





      • He he

        Actually, the only reason I shared my cultural autobiography was to help launch the Race Around the World (which we jUst finished running. My closing thoughts coming up in about a wk). I never considered it important enough (I knOw) to talk about the Korean-American experience. I was amazed at the response. The Race cracked a levy: I went on to write more personally in The Measure of a Woman that soared to my TOP 2. Can you believe? How awesome is that for the world to embrace the immigrant tale, to care to hear about the sacrifices of Korean women?

        If you don’t mind, mine is the second paragraph in this group post I put together for Mother’s day. Of course you’ll see why I share it with you:


        Thanks for your time, Jenny.

        Talk again,


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