Samuel Österlund

Samuel Österlund

I was born in Chuncheon, South Korea, but I’m being raised in Sweden.

I call myself SwedishKorean because I feel like I’m in contact with both my Korean side and my Swedish side.

I know a lot of ethnic Koreans. My brother is one and I have friends where I live who are ethnic Koreans as well.

I’m very interested in both cultures. The Korean culture mostly because I feel like that’s my legacy of some sorts.

If I believe in something I will fight for it and do my best to right wrongs.  I like to stand up for people.  So you could say I’m passionate about my thoughts too.

Besides my youtube channel, I am very passionate about my music.

My favourite food is either tacos or noodles.

I have never visited Korea but I would really like to. Mostly to find out more of my biological family but also to find out more of Korea.

Here is Sam’s other social media networks:

Facebook Page: SwedishKorean
Twitter: SwedishKorean
Instagram @SwedishKorean

Connect with Sam through his youtube channel SwedishKorean and – if you’re a fan of games and Minecraft – with his TheChizOfficial channel.

Here’s one of this videos below:

If you’d like to be featured, just go to our contact section and shoot us an email.


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