Top 5 Authentic Korean Drinking Places in Toronto

I know where I’m going when I go to Toronto.  Have you been to any of these places in Toronto? Recommend any place ? Let us know below !

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Where do all the Koreans in Toronto go to drink? Here, I’ve compiled five drinking places to make you feel at Seoul in Toronto. Don’t be surprised if all you hear, left and right, is Korean (and if the waiter talks to you in Korean – they do that to me all the time).

In (click name for Yelp link)


5460 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON M2N
Price: $15-$30
Favorites: The waiters are cute?
Ambiance: Club-like, mid-late 20s.
Tip: Go early, or else you may not able to get a table.

Lots of blind dates, double dates, large gathering, pick-ups (guys asking girls to drink with them) seem to happen here. Lots of flirting everywhere, but it not like bars where people roam around…Non-Koreans can easily get confused.  Regardless, it’s definitely one of the most frequented places among young Koreans in Toronto. Slightly older crowd than Kkorae (#5), probably because it’s more…

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