If you build it, they will come.

The Korean Diaspora: Just Getting Started

The purpose of this website is to connect all the kyopos around the globe.  I want the Kyopos in the world to be aware that there are other Kyopos in other countries.  I would like to connect them to you !

I’ve been searching here and there all over the net world and have been connecting with other kyopos.

I’m not posting anything and everything I research but I have attached a link for Russians Koreans and one for Korean Americans on my home page that I thought might interest people.

There will be changes happening little by little so I am letting you know in advance.  If you’ve ever played Super Mario Brothers you’ve probably seen something like this:


The world is incomplete.  I haven’t even figured out the secret room above the ghost level where unlimited Yoshi’s hatch.

Just like this incomplete world, my site is like this, but it’s slowly getting there.

But don’t worry, it’s all for your benefit 🙂

I am looking for kyopos all over the world to write something about their story as a [insert country]- Korean.

So feel free to contact me if you’d like to share something here.

Also, if you’d like to see something in particular, please, let me know! Yes YOU! Let me know.


Your Kyopo Friend,



      • Absolutely badass haha!

        Really, that was like a significant portion of my childhood… someone should make a playable game with that ‘real world’ map…


      • haha, YES and YES! ah, now you got me thinking.. imagine the levels ! They can take place in the actual countries or something.. okay now I’m rambling a bit hehe

        Such a good game..


      • No, I was talking about an “insert Korean young Kevin Costner” for a mock up of the Field of Dreams poster.

        Isn’t this website your Field of Dreams moment? You built it and hope we/they all come on in.

        Anyway, seemed wittier in my head than on keyboard. Good night lol.


      • Lol, my managers used to say this all the time but I’ve never watched the actual movie.

        But I googled and I understand now. I should really watch the movie, then you’ll get a delayed response from me one day ^^ night ~~


  1. How I miss playing Mario Bros. I am not a Kyopo but I really hope you would succeed in your mission… I would try my best to help you out in anyway that I can… 화이팅!


    • Yes, everytime I see the map, I want to play too ^_^
      My mission is to bring Kyopos together, however, it’s welcome to anyone who has interest in Korea 😉
      Your Kyopo friend,


      • Yeah there is a sizable amount here and in Austin and the Dallas FW area. There is an annual Korean festival annual here in Houston, it’s very colorful and energetic. I would say Korean Texans have a distinct culture.


      • Yes I’ve heard of that festival, I will have to post some upcoming events to let others know about it as well, thanks for reminding me !

        Korean Texans, hmmm, bigger and louder than LA Koreans ??


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