It’s just THAT good.

The Korean Diaspora: Do we still eat Kimchi?

After a long day’s work, all I want to do is eat something wholesome. Not chocolate or ice cream but actual food.

I remember coming home late at night and stuffing my face with a homemade sandwich like nobody’s business.


I’d be in the middle of this sandwich and milk, enjoying what a sandwich has to offer at 11pm at night, when I felt something was missing…

Like how Aussies love their vegemite and toast,

*shudders* what’s wrong with cheese and crackers

Germans with their sauerkraut


I like my kimchi when I’m eating my snack.


So in the middle of devouring my sandwich, I’d go to the kitchen, open one of those way to big clear jars that is perfect for storing an enormous amount of kimchi, but not so good on kitchen space as it takes up a lot of room, I’d take my chopsticks, take a a few chopsticks full of it, and put it on my plate, go back to my chair, and take another bite of the sandwich whilst eating my kimchi.


It’s one the most comprehensive late night cravings that just works.

Sometimes I eat ramen with kimchi but that’s kind of a given.

It’s one of the best combination of food I’ve ever put in my belly.

My brother’s guilty of this too.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it happens, I let it happen. If I don’t, my tummy secretly tells me that it wants the sour and slightly hot but not so hot enough stuff that makes it go BOOM!


Does anyone eat kimchi with something other than ramen?


  1. Wow, I never thought of eating kimchi with sandwich! That sounds like a fun combination of foods. 🙂 Our family eats kimchi on every meals. It doesn’t matter what they are eating. It’s mostly when we are eating Korean or other asian foods…. like pho. 🙂 Not so much when we eat western foods.
    The weirdest combination of kimchi and food that I have encountered in my life would be kimchi chocolate! I have tried it once when my dad bought it from his business trip in Korea…. Still can’t believe the taste… Koreans love kimchi in everything!


    • lol I just had a craving one day while eating a sandwich, and it just really made the sandwich.

      One time, I made an entire Thanksgiving dinner and my dad pulled out the 고추장 and 김치. Oh my father has such a strong Korean palette it’s not even funny sometimes.


      • haha 😀 yes 고추장 and 된장 seems to be another favourite foods Koreans enjoy all the time!
        I made a post on kimchi chocolate inspired by your post! 🙂 Thank you for an inspiration!


  2. I would substitute lettuce with kimchi on my sandwich and add some 단무지 with it… I have weird taste on food but I really love that combination… ^_^; Thanks for the follow by the way 😀


    • ohh wow, that actually sounds delicious.

      There’s another fad that’s going around which is cheese ramen in a sandwich. The photos would be comparable to a grilled cheese but with ramen inside.


    • ohhh Kimchi and beer huh ? Just the two together ?

      Yes, it’s a weird habit I picked up and thought others might do something similar.

      I was just checking out your posts and started to get hungry. -.- !


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