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I never really was into my Korean background at all.  I would’ve thought I’d make a website dedicated to kyopos but here we are.

During high school I wanted to have blue eyes, blond hair, and hated that I wasn’t born this way.  Throughout my life, I’ve been called Chinese, Japanese, or the typical ‘Asian’.  I hated being called asian, it almost sounded degrading; people would assume I played the piano well.  I played piano well because I practiced, but was quickly assured that it was because I was ‘asian’. Right.

Sometimes, it would really hurt; I was American, but people could only validate me as an asian person, or a white-washed person, banana, twinkie, what have you.

I knew I wasn’t Chinese, or Asian; people in America are seriously not educated very well and they don’t know any better.  And I wasn’t either !

Really, I’m living in Australia for the time being, and yes, Americans are known as the idiots of the world.

Give your child a good education, but that’s another story. Moving on!

I’ve never been prouder to be a Korean-American, a Kyopo, but overall, I just like doing me. ^_^

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to stay for a long time in Seoul, that I learned so much about the Korean diaspora.

Diaspora means the dispersion or spread of people from their native homeland.

Did you know that right now, there are Russian-Koreans who speak fluent Russian?
Or over 33,000 German-Koreans in Germany and a German town in South Korea called Namhae ?

Did you know, that the British accent does not only come out of a Caucasian or Indian person’s mouth?
(There are a lot of Indians in England. A lot.)

If you already knew this, well, good for you because I didn’t. (- . -)

For me, I’m just thrilled that there’s a whole world full of people like me.  It’s such a unique and exciting time to be a Kyopo. It really is. I have a lot of interests in general but one of the most passionate subjects I’m interested is us !

Our parents didn’t leave their native homeland so we can bitch and moan about our identities.

Seriously, you know Korean dads, they work and work and work. And work.  He’s not the brightest of the bunch, but damn, I love him. My parents gave up everything.  They probably sacrificed some things that maybe, they will never tell us.

My parents did know something though, deep down, they wanted to give me a life they could only dream of, which was, ANYTHING!

I can be a bum or a fucking acrobat.  Whatever ! Well, not a bum, but you get the idea.

So let this be a tribute to not only ourselves, but to our parents.




    • Hello Sodiumwaste(i dont know ur real name),

      Thanks for the support. Ive been looking everywhere for a site that brings kyopos together and have found bits and pieces here and there and thought I’ll just start one ^_^

      I would like to have other kyopos write about life as a kyopo from all over the world so if you have something interesting to share, feel free to message me 🙂

      안녕 ~


    • Thanks HW,

      I did enjoy the piece. Yes, I’m researching about Russian-Koreans these days and there is such a vast history on this subject.

      I hope to bring new light on this subject to other people.

      Do you mind if I reblog your article on my site ? So far I’ve been the only one writing articles, but I’d like to have other people write their stories on my site.

      with much love,


      • Never need to ask. Please refer to me as Holistic Wayfarer if you want to reference me in an intro, though there is no obligation. Thanks for the support, Jenny. Hope to talk again.



  1. Jenny unnie, I love how you write! X) I totally get what you mean by the ‘You’re Asian, you’re SUPPOSED to be good at that’ thing. Like please, all because I’m from a certain heritage doesn’t make me a genius in something. Thank you so much for making this blog, I’m gonna read all the posts and educate myself about others like me 🙂 It’s encouraging to know that I’m not alone in the sometimes awkward world of straddling two different cultures~


    • Hey Ashley,

      I’m so glad you found some interest in it and that you can relate 🙂 One of the reasons I made it was to reach out to others to be proud of their dual cultural circumstance.

      The Korean diaspora is over 7 million in population, so there are a quite a bit of us floating around in this world.

      Hope you can soar like a bird no matter where you are 😉

      Your Kyopo unnie friend,


  2. I actually have a similar growing up story to yours. During my high school years, everyone was into hip hop. Even though my school was probably 70% white, being black, hispanic, or asian was a one way ticket to being cool. During my sophomore year I thought I could make myself look hispanic so I actually used dark-roast coffee, or black tea to try and dye my light brown hair darker, and would also cut my hair short on the sides and use hair gel on the top to make my hair dark. Sometimes it worked and my hair appeared black. I would check the school mirrors a couple times a day to make sure my hair looked dark, if not I added more hair gel. A couple times I forgot to gel my hair in the morning and I almost had a heart attack because I thought my true identity as a feeble white person would be exposed, I had to use the faucet all day to wet my hair. I bought hazel colored corrective lenses, only after searching the internet to no avail for ways to permanently turn my eyes brown. On the same token I was never attracted to white women, I thought they looked dull. This stuff might seem crazy but I really wanted to fit in and be cool. It’s 4 year later now and I don’t do any of that stuff anymore.


    • Hey Jared,

      Glad you can relate. DON’T FORGET THE HAIR GEL! I wonder what your hair looked like in HS ! But then again, many people hate their HS photos.

      Growing up is definitely an interesting time especially when you’re surrounded by people of various ethnic backgrounds. I think that’s what makes America so unique, and we each have our own stories that made us and shaped us into who we are today.

      Thanks for stopping by, and props to your girlfriend for introducing you to the site. There aren’t many resources for kyopos so I started this site as well as some other groups to connect people. You and your girlfriend are more than welcome to join if you haven’t already.


      I’m curious now, where are your parents from originally?


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